Fiverr freelancing website Vs freelancer online to save money

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Choosing 1 freelancing website out of three Fiverr, Upwork and Freelancer

In my previous blog i have mention 3 freelancing websites in which i have to choose one the blog is from   Web Design Dubai 
This was my previous article in which i talked about these sites i have mentioned earlier but i think i should go in detail about why did i like fiverr ? 

The fact is that i did not get success there the truth is that i am not using it anymore and i strange thing is that when you need such services i need you to come here rather than going to fiverr then why is Fiverr so better so far.

Its quite simple if you make thing easy for people, if you do not make them feel you interrogate them when you do not piss them off for their own money and when you make the things match 21st century, if i add by saying when you trust people and oblige them by your behavior, they compliment you.

2. Fiverr

In the freelancing online world fiverr is one of the reliable platform !

where you may find highly professional and talented freelancers.

I purchased few services from there just to try if it works faster as it is said just to try if it is really worth, well yes it was, and the important thing i have noticed that i never stooped or searched for something to think about that how would i do that or how to manage it.

It brings you very smoothly step by step and you do it your self with no complication, the best fun is when you apply for online test, its really a good fun and makes you realize that how exams were when we were students:D

Is there any cost involved and  are prices high than normal ?

Having said that fiverr was one of my best experience i would further like to tell you about the freelancers there or in any freelancing site.

The price matters ! if it really matters to you then my opinion is that ! its expensive on these sites but this is something from freelancers not from the website, i have observed that the freelancers there think of the 20% services fee.

Therefore when they put there charges button on, they earn 20% extra from you just because they do not want to pay from there earning.
However this might not be strange as its a universal rule that at the end " end user pays " for all the marketing cost, services cost, fees and many other things.

As an example i would like to share with you that i am a business professional too and i have worked closely with cost and profit an loss management and i am confidently saying that you might know about.

When you see an ad of even a shampoo on your TV screen keep in mind that you gonna pay for it when you buy it.
But this is how the business world works its not negative, if you are selling something, you also gonna apply this rule and if you do not, then your business should not be a business its charity and i really admire you for being so nice.   


If you are a freelancer specially a digital marketer then you should have your own portfolio and marketing strategy to achieve your goal but if you are a buyer then let me tell you a freelancer gets 4 USD or maybe less than this and you paid 7 so basically you paid services fee of 2 USD then 20% of freelancing site and then when that freelancer request for money i am not sure if payment gateway will give him this money with no charges. So hire a freelancer by typing freelancer+ profession in google in your town it will save your money you might pay 5 and freelancer will be more than happy.

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