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Godaddy VS TMD hosting | Best Web Hosting | Web Design Dubai

Did you know about cloud hosting and dedicated server ? And how it helps you rank high your website on search engine ?

Hello there ! i am a dubai based web designer and digital marketing professional all though i want to be appear for
web design dubai when people search but I have seen a lot of my clients came up with already purchased web hosting and domain and i never cared of what they bring up as i am just supposed to design their website.

It really matters when you are working online on particular page and the page takes time to load,  am sharing my experience to help you take right the decision when it comes to web hosting.

Your website speed depends on your website loading speed and that speed matter when you aim to rank on google.

Website and its Speed for a designer and buyer or visitor 

 if i am supposed to work on a website then I am bound to be there but if I am just a visitor and I searched online on google for something and found a website then price, quality, reviews or portfolio comes later the first thing which make you stay on the website is! the speed of website, if the page of a website takes time to load it makes the visitor/buyer annoyed, which ultimately increases the bounce rate of a site and website owner may loose business. 

It’s been 2 years when I was working on a website and I really liked the speed when I asked my client, where did you buy hosting from? he said TMD Hosting (the host provider) and I was curious to know about it, thus I have visited their website, at this point my curiosity was all about what they offer? what they charge?  and how they deal with customers?

TMD is in the web hosting business for 12 years now, however most of their chairmen, executives and even regular employees are in this industry from even prior the hosting and Internet can be considered as an industry.

Above all they take care of you personally and attentively with 24-7 award winning customer support. It's all about making sure your website and email remain online and you are happy.

You never know the next minute your website is spam or bugged if nothing happens at least you can request TMD hosting in seconds for restoring your website in just a day before date and guess what ? sometimes things work just like a guess, results might be secondary primary objective is ! is there someone to bring you results ?

Personal Experience with GoDaddy by purchasing Domain There

At the mean time I also had a plan for one of my friend, i referred him to Godaddy Godaddy domain and godaddy webmail, I my self also have one domain purchased from Godaddy, I can say in overall results Godaddy is one of the best host providers they provide amazing customer services and when it comes to domains! In one line i would say, never buy it from anywhere else but only Godaddy, its unbelievably cost effective or let’s make it specific it’s the best price in the world.

godaddy and godaddy webmail site image

I have purchased a domain from godaddy my domain Pro  web design dubai and I purchased it for this specific reason that I wanted to see and compare I have checked more than 33 online available companies offering domains but godaddy was the only best option but if you are renewing it. Otherwise domain is always free provided by most of the companies now a day.

Reason Why TMD Hosting The Best Hosting Provider Ever  

But I will defiantly compare it with the one I was talking about, the web hosting I personally found the best is! TMD Hosting, why is TMD the best Hosting I have ever seen.

Web Hosting TMD Hosting site image

When you visit the TMD Hosting and look at the prices you should open another hosting and compare it (check prices), let me share it with you that when the first time I saw cloud hosting on 96 USD and if you are buiilding a big site e.g eCommerce then VPN hosting is an amazing option which does not cost more than 250 USD, plan will make you forget another host provider I did not believe it. But their support is 24/7 available and I asked them when I further checked it out I came to know that a basic plan of shared hosting with free domain and unlimited email accounts is on USD 60.

These prices and their support is something which can make you smile, you do not have to open multiple windows or wait for long, the time you visit the site you are asked if you need a support and if you need technical support after purchase, their technos take 15 minutes to respond and your website speed will be amazing if you have experienced slow loading site i hope you will type thanks in the comments here after making site with TMD hosting :D

You get help in purchasing their plan, you get help in starting your website and you get help in all backup and technical support. I believe the most beautiful thing about TMD is that, they made it easy for a customer to reach them and they reach you back in minutes.

Did I mention that they also provide free domain and they have multiple options for customers to support them in terms of money and best hosting? Well my suggestion is to talk with their sales before you buy, you may get something more than what you expected.

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