web Design Dubai | 3 things will change your life like lucky draw

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How to know if you need new business or new customer?

If you need to achieve your goals that does not mean you need another business to increase your income, sometimes you need a growth in your existing business but if you have a great idea you do not have to leave it for someone else.

If you are a techie or a bit familiar with techs you defiantly know that why does your business need web design dubai  but if you are non techie let me take you through some basics to know.

The first thing in business in dubai you have to think about is payment terms, and that business can be anything either services providing or online shop or a retail outlet, these are the 3 options which can give you, your money on right time otherwise you will feel like spending not earning.

Before choosing  web design company dubai for your next project you must understand every part of the game, If your business is one of these businesses I mentioned above, then have some patience we are going to reach there if you do not have one of theme choose the easiest one you can manage and afford easily and step into the new business, this might lead you to choose the great ecommerce services of web development dubai.

But if you already have a business which is one of the above mentioned then you do not have to do anything but just have to check on 2 things.

1.your online visibility score.

2. Repeated customer’s percentage

Online visibility: if you rate your online visibility less than 90% then you probably losing business, if you rate it less than 70% you losing a lot of business and if you rate it less than 50% than you actually do not have business, if you still earn you just worked hard and had good luck otherwise your business should be nowhere

Repeated Customers: your customers come back for your services provided not quality provided, now remember when I say services provided that means customer care, Customer care is a sum of polite behavior, honesty, dedication in work, commitment and finally the expression of your respect for them you ask them if they are happy it means you want to make them happy.

What is the importance of online visibility or marketing https://neilpatel.com/what-is-online-marketing/

If you are not practicing these things start it today and make sure you follow the steps, stated above and add the following to your business, follow the steps and watch the magic

Improve your your business plan 

  • Add live chat or WhatsApp call to action feature to your website.
  • Call your customers after purchase for feedback.
  • Always announce free packages not discounted e.g. 40% discount Vs buy 2 get 1 free believe me free is a best price you can ever offer someone
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