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How should you get a web designed what things you must know before you approach a professional

Are you on google searching for Web Design Dubai ? did you really find what you were looking for ? if you are reading this then of course you are in a right place and this is how everyone would like to have something to understand, the digital world before the begin.

Lets put some examples of business i have worked with and consider you in their shoes, if you are a photographer, event management company, restaurant, distributor or a freelancer of any other services provider, either you think how to get business and i answer you or else i ask you how do you get business and you answer me in comments,  and that business you already get, i assume as references, word of mouth, or friend of friend and or previous customer recommendation.

But the point is ! Is this enough ? 

Of course not because you get business once in a blue moon your expenses are 10,000 and you get 5000 its not a successful business, so what next comes in your mind if you are a bit aware and confident you think of online marketing but that will cost you much. And what if you stop it ? 

So basically you either get rare customers or else you try to work on your online marketing and this is how you increase your number of customers.

Its getting so complicated, to get rid of all these things you have decided of a website to have, well that's a great idea but if you are such business as i mentioned your website should cost you more than 1000 AED including your hosting domain all.

If you already have a domain and hosting then it might take you to 500-600 now mentioning prices here has a big reason, i have created website for people who paid 4k-5k for the previous website before me which was sad

One of the example which later turn into inspiration for my clients is this website which ranked high on google, when last time i have published a blog i have mentioned complete detail about how did i do it

SEO Poof 


If you spend on advertisement then you must choose google ads or even stop spending on google ads but do work on search engine optimization, when  you appear on google this leads you to a successful business however there are other products or platform of google or types of ads, not only search engine ads therefore a smart campaign is the best deal to grow your business. and in both case you must have a proper business website for better future prospect. 

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